> VoIP Billing
> VoIP Consumer Billing
> LCR (Least Cost Router)
> SIP Application Server


* VoIP B2B
(Business to Business)
* VoIP B2C
(Business to Consumer)


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AVB AAA RADIUS: High Performance unified AAA RADIUS Servers



  • Session Management: flexible session handling for active user sessions
  • Support of Basic Authentications such as
    • MAC based authentication
    • Username/password based authentication (Portal based)
    • MD5 Digest
    • PIN
    • CLI/ANI based
    • IP based
  • Advanced Authentications and multiple EAP authentications support
  • Authorizations: Set of applications for Multiple authorization functions such as
    • Authorization (Origin)
    • Authorization (Request)
    • Authorization (Credit)
    • Authorization (Concurrency) for concurrency control
    • Authorization (Route)
    • Authorization (Capacity): for vendor side capacity management
  • Start & Stop Accounting applications
  • RADIUS Proxy capability
  • DB Replication with Failover option

Add-on features available in Enterprise edition

  • Support of Interim Accounting
  • Session Control/CoA
  • Re-authorization application with unit reservation
  • Policy based Request routing
  • Carrier Grade High Availability & Automatic Failover option

For list of complete features and details check the AVB RAD series feature list