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AVB AAA RADIUS: High Performance unified AAA RADIUS Servers


AVB AAA RADIUS Server is a powerful unified AAA Server for Fixed and Wireless Service providers offering voice, data and converge multiple services.


AVB AAA RADIUS Server provides centralized authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) and enables Service Providers to manage their AAA functions for their users.

AVB Unified AAA RADIUS with its special capability to support upto 10 Million AAA Transactions per day on a single server is one of the most cost effective and scalable AAA platform for small to medium range of Service Providers with flexible upgrade options to large scale deployments.

Services support:

  • xDSL, GPON, FTTX & Cable
  • ISDN, Dialup based ISPs
  • Wireless ISP deployments such as Wi-Fi hotspots and WiMAX
  • Prepaid Calling Cards / Pin-less / carrier pre-select 
  • Wholesale interconnect Carriers & SIP Peering services
  • VoIP services - Call Back, SIP Trunking, Residential VoIP & Enterprise VoBB services
  • Converged Multi Services Operators

Add on Billing components:

Optional add-on billing components also available:

  • AVB Data Billing (Advanced ISP Billing) for data/broadband internet services
  • AVB VoIP Billing for VoIP services
  • AVB Convergent Billing Engine for Multi-services Operators

3rd party billing integrations option:
Moreover AVB Radius AAA server can be integrated with any third party RADIUS supported billing system.


Major benefits of AVB RAD series AAA RADIUS Servers are highlighted below

  • Provides State-of-the-art scalability, reliability and performance
  • High Performance RADIUS Server with capability to scale upto 10 Million AAA Transactions per day supporting 100k concurrent users on a single server.
  • Smooth migration path from small, medium to large scale setups
  • Affordable software solution which can run on a low cost Hardware & COTS server(s)
  • Add-on modules of Database Replication with Failover & Carrier Grade High Availability & Automatic Failover.