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Advanced LCR

Advanced LCR is a Least Cost Routing Engine that plugs into the softswitch and also integrates with the VoIP Billing.

This product loads all rate sheets from the terminators and routes each call to the minimum cost route available through all the terminators.

The product can also keep a count of the occupied ports and the capacity of the route on each IP address. For calls exceeding the capacity of an IP address are routed to the next available route.

This feature is very useful for those terminators who have a large number of small capacity gateways and SIM boxes distributed on different IP addresses.

Advanced LCR allows carriers to modify rates/routes any time, for any terminator, without restarting the application.

Business Benefits

Some of the key benefits of Advanced LCR are as follows:
  • Reduces costs and increases profit margins
  • Implements global routing strategies in near real time

Following figures illustrates the working of Advanced LCR with SIP Proxy Server: