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Callshop Billing

As you may know, VoIP Callshop is just another name for Public Call Offices (PCOs) that now employ VoIP (Voice over IP) technology to make calls. In this IP era, conventional PSTN phones based call shops are being replaced with VoIP enabled call shops worldwide. Callshop billing allows customers to make VoIP calls (International and Nationwide) and generates a receipt against each call.

Following figure illustrates a typical setup of Chain of VoIP Callshops:

Voip Solutions - Voip CallShop Solution

Advanced VoIP offers "Advanced Callshop Billing" solution. This is an add-on to the standard Advanced VoIP Billing solution that allows the owner of the basic VoIP setup to appoint agents each of whom may own a series of call shops. The voice traffic from all of these call shops is consolidated and sent to the VoIP setup of the owner, being run on Advanced VoIP billing system, from where it is distributed to the terminators as per defined business policy.

To understand the basics of this business model, please read the whitepaper "How to run a chain of VoIP Callshops".
How to run a chain of VoIP Callshops.pdf
For a complete list of valuable features of AVB, please visit "AdvancedVoIP Billing System"

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