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AdvancedVoIP Releases Converged Billing Engine with Class 5 VAS Platform

AdvancedVoIP, the leading provider of IP based Communication and B/OSS solutions, announces today the release of its new Converged Billing Engine with Class 5 Value Added services platform for Communication Service Providers.
Converged Billing Engine from AdvancedVoIP is one of the highly cost effective and affordable Charging & Billing platform that enables Service Providers to quickly monetize voice and data usage of their subscribers. AdvancedVoIP Converged Billing incorporates the following key modules
  • Customer & Subscription Management
  • Flexible Rate/Plan Management & Tariff management
  • Subscription Charges & Billing Cycles Management
  • Non Usage & Service Activation Charges
  • Wallet Management
  • Subscriber account & services Provisioning
  • Voucher Management module
  • Quota Management: including Free minutes & volume buckets for voice & internet services
  • Fair Usage policy enforcement capability for data services (WiMAX, DSL & FTTX etc.)
  • Invoicing module for voice and data customers
  • RADIUS AAA Server for real time / prepaid services
  • Customer Self-care: Web based & IVR based Self-care portal for the customers
  • Trouble Ticketing & Reporting module