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AVB - VoIP Billing Solution

An ideal solution for medium sized Internet Telephony Service Providers, VoIP Billing (AVB) serves the billing needs of companies providing VoIP.

This product is tightly integrated with other related products like softswitch, LCR and VoIP consumer billing.

Some of the main features include:

  • Flexible plans and packages for Originators
  • Complete billing and accounting for Terminators
  • Import of rate sheets from terminator
  • IP and TechPrefix based Authentication for Originators
  • Support for different quality routes to same Originator based on tech prefix
  • Very flexible manual routing policy
  • Rerating of calls that failed rating.
  • Interface with LCR for routing info
  • Interface with softswitch for call switching
  • Automatic Account blocking of Originators.
  • Accounting reports
  • Invoicing and accounting
AVB supports following billing models:
  • VoIP wholesale
  • VoIP Termination

Authentication Types:

  • IP based authentication
  • Tech Prefix based Authentication

Authorization Types:

  • Realtime balance based Authorization
  • Allowed call time
  • Allowed Prefix
  • Allowed Time of Day
  • Allowed number of concurrent calls

Accounting Types:

  • Real time rating with balance deduction

Other Features List

  • Real-time Monitoring of Active and completed calls.
  • Flexible dialling rules.
  • Customer Management (Originators)
  • Customer Self Care
  • Vendor Management (Terminators)
  • Vendor Self Care
  • Flexible Billing Plans
  • Invoicing System
  • Online payments through Paypal and Credit Cards
  • Customized Reports
  • Vendor/terminator Management and LCR (Least cost routing) among multiple terminators
  • Multi Currency
Advanced VoIP Billing System (AVB) can also work with other soft switches or gateways over Radius protocol and supports full Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.

Add-Ons: Separately available

  • AVB B2C (Consumer) Billing
  • VoIP Applications Pack (For Retail based business models)

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux/UNIX