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VoIP Termination

VoIP termination involves receiving calls from IP and delivering them to other PSTN and cell phone numbers using Gateways and SIM Boxes.
VoIP Billing and Termination Solution

Starting a VoIP termination business is a four step process:

  1. Setup your gateways and SIM boxes. This will require you to have a broadband Internet connection to bring calls over VoIP. For PSTN termination, either E1 or normal phone lines will be required. For SIM boxes, cellular SIMs will be required.
  2. Get a hosted server and run this solution on that server.
  3. Find originators that need to send traffic to the area codes that you support.
  4. Configure the network account and establish credit with originators and start the service!
Termination setup requires efficient carrier management and billing solution that should provide at least:
  1. Ability to define multiple IP addresses where gateways and SIM boxes are running
  2. Ability to aggregate traffic from worldwide on a single public IP and redirect traffic to individual gateways
  3. Ability to route each call to the least cost route available on all the gateways and SIM boxes.
  4. Count ports on each IP so that calls exceeding the capacity are routed to next available route.
This billing solution also provides web access to carriers which allow them to view the traffic and billing details online.