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VoIP Application Pack

VoIP Application pack is an add-on package to the SIP Application Server. This includes many services required in different business models. These are:

Phone to Phone Service

This service allows subscribers to dial a local DID number to access the system and make outgoing calls through Service Provider's network.
Phone to Phone service allows for PINless as well as PIN based dialing. Service Provider can configure on his individual needs.

IP to Phone Service

This service allows subscribers to use different clients connected on IP to make calls using the Service Provider's network. These may include PC based dialers and softphones, IP phones, ATA and other devices and so on. This again offers a username / password authentication or a PIN based authentication and allows the Service Provider to set his preferences.

CallBack Service

This service allows the system to call a subscriber first on his given number and then call the destination number and join the two legs of the call. This is useful in cases where the subscriber cannot make an outgoing call to reach the network. In this cases, the subscriber needs to intimate the System somehow about its intention to make a call and the system will initiate this call. There are different ways a subscriber can do this. Supported methods include:
  • Web based request
  • SMS request
  • Call on a common DID with CLI reading
  • Call on a dedicated DID without CLI reading

Residential VoIP Service

Made popular by Vonage, this service is also called VoBB (Voice over Broadband). This involves providing an IP based client to the subscriber (usually an ATA) that the subscriber can use as a normal phone line. It involves permanently mapping a DID number to the said IP based client. At times the Service Providers allows more than one type of device like an ATA, an IP phone and may be a PC based dialer all to be operated as valid end points.

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