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Frequently Asked Questions by Category:

1. Service Details
2. Getting Started
3. Basic Setup
4. Business Models
5. Optional Services
6. Prices and Payments
7. Technical Details
8. Support
Service Details:
1. What service do you offer?
2. Why Hosted Service?
3. What are the major components of the service offered?
4. What are the charges?
5. What Business Models are supported?
6. What is the duration of the contract?
7. Can I make test calls and see all features of Hosted AVB Hosted service?
8. What is the difference between Retail, Wholesale and Termination business models?
9. Will I be restricted by your offered rates?
10. Can my single subscriber use multiple services or business models that I offer under the same account?
11. What are the contract details between the two companies?
Getting Started
1. Can I view demo of your service?
2. Do I get a money back guarantee?
3. How do I start my service?
4. What is the minimum amount to start the service?
5. What will it take for me to start a specific business model?
Basic Setup
1. What are basic setup requirements?
2. Which terminator I can add?
3. Where can I find good terminators for my target destination?
4. Where can I have my prepaid cards printed?
Business Models
1. What are the supported business models?
1. What are the steps to start a wholesale business?
2. Can I have multiple terminators active at one time?
3. How do I add an originator into the system?
4. How do I import rate sheets from different vendors?
Prepaid Calling Cards
1. How do I get started with prepaid calling cards?
2. How many PINs can I generate at one time?
3. How do I print prepaid cards?
4. In which business models can these PINs be used?
5. Who gets the benefit of unused and partially used PINs also called breakage?
6. What help is provided to me to sell these PINs to different shops?
7. Do I get reports for activation of PINs.
8. Are there any fixed denominations for the PINs?
Phone to Phone
1. How do I get local access numbers to initiate phone to phone service?
2. How are local access numbers charged?
3. Can my subscribers register their ANI numbers for Pinless dialing?
4. Can a subscriber use the system from a non registered phone or a phone that does not send CLI?


1. When is CallBack useful?
2. What means are supported to take the intention of the subscriber to initiate a CallBack?
3. Does CLI callback always work?
4. Does the web call method always work?
5. Are there other CallBack methods available?
6. Are there yet other methods to take CallBack requests?
7. What happens if my subscribers have difficulty in transferring DTMF to enter the intended number to call?
8. Are there any special charging requirements for CallBack.
PC to Phone
1. How does PC to Phone business model work?
2. How does the system identify the user?
3. When is this business model useful?
4. Can the dialer work in areas where VoIP is restricted?
IP Phones
1. What is an IP phone?
2. What type of IP phones will work with your system?
3. What is a typical price for an IP phones?
4. Can I get IP phones from you?
5. How do I identify a subscriber using IP Phone?
6. What is an ATA?
Mobile VoIP
1. What is Mobile VoIP?
2. How can i use Mobile VoIP with your hosted service?
3. Which mobile phones are supported?
Optional Services
A - Z termination
1. What is A - Z termination?
Local Access Numbers
1. What is a local access number?
2. Why do I need local access numbers?
3. How are local access numbers charged?
4. Does Hosted AVB force me to use their own provided DIDs?
Company Website
1. Do I need a website to run my business?
2. Can Hosted AVB provide me with a website?
3. Is it a must that I get website from Hosted AVB?
4. What can my website do for me?
5. How is payment processed when my subscribers signup online?
PC to Phone dialer
1. Why do I need PC to Phone dialer?
2. Why is the dialer used for VoIP?
Prices and Payments
1. What are the supported payment methods?
2. What are the terms of payment?
3. How are your charges defined?
4. When will my charging start?
Technical Details
1. Will we get a dedicated IP?
2. What are the supported Codec?
3. How many concurrent calls does your system support?
4. What technology/software is used?
5. Do I get server rights?
6. I need my employees to have minimum access to my account, is it possible?
7. What is included into your Call Detail Records?
8. Do you provide any online report that could help me in traffic monitoring?
1. Which company's Billing is used by Hosted AVB?
2. Does the billing engine allow me to make agents?
1. What is a softswitch?
2. Which company's softswitch is used by Hosted AVB?
1. What is LCR?
2. Can I load a list of tariffs into your system instead of entering tariff one by one?
3. Can I set priorities for my Routes?
1. What do I do to get my IVRs going on my service?
2. Can I change my IVRs if I want to?
1. Which protocol is supported by the dialer?
2. Which codec is used by the dialer?
3. Can people signup using the dialer?
4. Can people share their balance in other business models when they are making PC to Phone calls using the dialer?
5. Can the dialer work in countries where VoIP is blocked?
1. What are the hours of your support?