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Chain of IP PBX

IP PBX is like a conventional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide all the required functionalities of a PBX. Currently, most of the PBXs support VoIP (Voice over IP) and are capable of transmitting digital as well as analog calls.

Following figure illustrates call flow in a chain of IP PBX:

Voip Solutions - Chain of IP PBX

IP PBXs need billing solution that can efficiently monitor the calls and maintain record of each call received/transferred by IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange). A comprehensive billing solution should cater the following requirements of this business model at minimal:
  1. Credit analysis
  2. Customer management
  3. Flexible billing plans
  4. Flexible rating
  5. Fraud management
  6. Real-time usage reporting
  7. Revenue assurance
  8. Traffic analysis
AdvancedVoIP.com realizes the need of a billing system that proficiently fulfills all the demands of IP PBXs and thus offers a comprehensive billing solution as Advanced VoIP Billing System. It is a complete billing solution that includes RADIUS server, Billing Engine and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

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