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PC To Phone

PC to Phone business is one of the easiest ways to enter into the world of VoIP and Internet Telephony. PC to Phone providers allow customers to make phone calls via their PC at comparatively low cost than conventional telephony.

Following figure illustrates the call flow in a PC to phone communication:

Voip Solutions - PC To Phone

This business model requires a comprehensive billing solution that should cater following requirements at minimal:
  1. Customer management
  2. Flexible rating
  3. Integrated private labeled dialer
  4. Real-time usage reporting
  5. Revenue assurance
  6. Support for complex rate plans
AdvancedVoIP.com offers Advanced VoIP Billing System, a complete billing solution that efficiently caters above mentioned billing requirements.

For more details about this business model, please see the white paper “Basics of VoIP Origination”.

For a complete list of valuable features of Advanced VoIP Billing System, please visit “AdvancedVoIP Billing System”.

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