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* VoIP B2B
(Business to Business)
* VoIP B2C
(Business to Consumer)


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B2B (Business to Business)

VoIP B2B solution is performance rich & robust solution ideally suited for VoIP Wholesale and Termination providers. This includes:
  • AdvancedVoIP’s leading and scalable SIP application server.
  • LCR (Least Cost Routing) engine
  • VoIP Wholesale Billing
  • Manual Routing Policy Manager
The B2B solution guarantees 1,000 concurrent calls installed at 2 servers, both configured in Primary & Backup mode to ensure Redundancy and Auto Failover.

On single server VoIP B2B solution is recommended for up to 500 concurrent calls where all components including Softswitch, LCR & Billing engine etc are installed and configured on the same machine.

B2B Solution can be used for the following business models:

VoIP Termination
VoIP termination is the business of receiving calls from IP and delivering them to other PSTN or cell phone numbers using gateways and SIM boxes. more>>

VoIP Wholesale
VoIP whole is the business of receiving calls from originators over IP and delivering them to other VoIP providers over IP link. It is important in this business to be able to route calls to the least cost route available for each call. more>>

This solution includes the following products:

SIP Applications Server
A SIP AS receives calls from different VoIP sources and sends them further to other providers or devices. more>>

In a typical VoIP business, the operator defines multiple routes for each destination. This product works closely with the softswitch or application server and routes each call to the least cost route available among all routes for each destination. more>>

VoIP Billing
A VoIP billing engine with required features. more>>