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(Business to Consumer)


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B2C (Business to Consumer)

B2C Solution can be used for the following business models:

Prepaid Calling Cards
Prepaid Calling Cards business is one of the most common business models for new entrants in the VoIP world. In prepaid, the service can be turned on with minimal initial deposit and the operator still doesn't run any risk of bad debts and debt collection charges. It's a worldwide phenomenon that in fully competing markets, prepaid is quickly replacing postpaid services in all sectors. more>>

Residential VoIP

In this business model the provider arranges for DID numbers which are mapped to client devices as permanent phone numbers. These numbers which are virtual behave as actual phone numbers with no difference of user experience from ordinary phone'

With this solution, launching a DID business is an easy four step process:

  • Arrange DIDs through a telephony service provider. Some are listed here.
  • Get one or two Linux servers up and running and point DIDs to the IP address of that server. (You can get them collocated as well).
  • Install this solution on those servers. Our technical support will do it for you.
  • Launch the service!

Chain of Callshops
It is a full solution for a typical VoIP based call shop. It includes an application that runs in the CallShop and does all CallShop operations. This CallShop Application is fully integrated with the Billing. It provides booth management and call rate management. It is programmed to send all traffic only to the operator running this solution. more>>

PC to Phone
PC to Phone business allows different IP based devices to communicate with the server. These devices include PC based dialers, IP phones, ATA devices and others. Advanced VoIP offers billing solution for PC to Phone business model. more>>

Phone to Phone
Phone to Phone business is one of the easiest ways to enter into the world of VoIP and Internet Telephony. Phone to Phone providers allow customers to make phone calls via their Local access numbers at comparatively low cost than conventional telephony. more>>

Chain of IP PBX
IP PBX is like a conventional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that uses VoIP technology to provide all the functionalities of a traditional PBX. VoIP Provider can collect all VoIP traffic from these PBXes using this solution. more>>

CallBack business model is useful wherever it is difficult for the subscriber to make an outgoing call but he is in a position to receive an incoming call. One most common reason is in countries which restrict VoIP usage. The other possible reason is through cell phone which charge heavily for outgoing calls but may not charge anything or very little for incoming calls. more>>

This solution includes the following products:

SIP Applications Server
A SIP AS receives calls from different VoIP sources and sends them further to other providers or devices. more>>

VoIP Application Pack
VoIP Application pack is a bunch of SIP applications that run over the SIP Application server. These are required for different purposes in different business models and include things like IVR, Voice mail, CallBack, SIP Registrar, Media Proxy etc. more>>

LCR (Least Cost Router)
In a typical VoIP business, the operator defines multiple routes for each destination. This product works closely with the softswitch or application server and routes each call to the least cost route available among all routes for each destination. more>>

VoIP Billing
A VoIP billing engine with required features. more>>

VoIP Consumer Billing
VoIP Consumer billing are add-on modules over the VoIP Billing package. They are primarily required to provide VoIP services directly to VoIP consumers i.e. Callers. These include support for different sales channels, payment methods, rating methods, financials etc. more>>

DID Management System
A DID Management system allows the provider to add DIDs that point to the SIP application server and configure different services on those DIDs like phone to phone, callback, residential VoIP etc. more>>

PC Based Dialer
PC to Phone business requires a dialer software to run on a customer's PC. This software takes place of a conventional phone but offer many enhanced features specific to VoIP. more>>

Callshop Billing
This product is required when the VoIP operator offers his services to Call Shops. This is a windows based product and does many jobs required to be done in a call shop. more>>

Radius Server
This product is required for complete real time service of VoIP. This includes modules for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. more>>

SMS Express
SMS Express is a product that sends and receives SMS messages from a server. It is tightly integrated with the VoIP billing and does different stuff like prepaid card recharge over SMS, SMS Call back etc. more>>