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* VoIP B2B
(Business to Business)
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(Business to Consumer)


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AdvancedVoIP offers wide range of products for Telecom operations. These products are part of our billing solutions but are also available independently.

VoIP Billing
A VoIP billing engine with all billing features required for VoIP. more>>

VoIP Consumer Billing
VoIP Consumer billing are add-on modules over the VoIP Billing package. They are primarily required to provide VoIP services directly to VoIP consumers i.e. Callers. These include support for different sales channels, payment methods, rating methods, financials etc. more>>

Advanced LCR
Keeping in view the latest network routing trends, AVPL launches Advanced LCR to cater to most of the routing needs of your business model. It offers robust and fast call delivery at the minimum cost among multiple terminators and thousands of rates. Thus, it is comprehensive enough to minimize your overall business cost and maximize the revenues. more>>

SIP Applications Server
A SIP AS receives calls from different VoIP sources and sends them further to other providers or devices. more>>

VoIP Application Pack
VoIP Application pack is a bunch of SIP applications that run over the SIP Application server. These are required for different purposes in different business models and include things like IVR, Voice mail, CallBack, SIP Registrar, Media Proxy etc. more>>

Advanced Dialer
The Advanced Dialers(Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, And Softphone) are state of the art dialers developed with industry standard SIP protocol that can handle phone calls. Has customizable skin and they can be private labelled to your brand name. more>>

In this Business model you have CallShops where people visit and make phone calls. A software provided by Advanced VoIP runs inside each CallShop and manages all activities inside the shop. It provides full booth management and generates real time status of each booth and the calls going on in that booth. It allows the callshop owner to set its own rates. To start running your callshops follow these steps more>>

Radius Server
This is an implementation of the widely used RADIUS protocol for centralized authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA). It has a highly customizable, modular and performance oriented implementation based on RFC 2865 and RFC 2866. It provides excellent centralized solutions for ISPs providing dial-up, PPPoE, DSL, Wireless and VoIP services to their corporate and retail customers. more>>

Broadband Billing
Advanced Broadband Billing is a carrier class billing solution for companies offering data access over different media. This includes both wired (DSL, cable etc.) and wireless (Wi-Max etc.) more>>

Converged Billing Engine
AdvancedVoIP, the leading provider of IP based Communication and B/OSS solutions, announces today the release of its new Converged Billing Engine with Class 5 Value Added services platform for Communication Service Providers. more>>

Multi Tenant IPBX
AdvancedVoIP announced the release of its new Class 5 Softswitch & Multi-Tenant IPBX solution. AVB Class 5 Softswitch solution enables both Service Providers and Enterprises to deliver range of cost effective feature rich VoIP based communication services from an Enterprise PBX to IP Call Center to Unified Communications Server and more.more>>