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VoIP Wholesale

Advanced VoIP Wholesale - a state-of-the-art solution - acts as a mediator between multiple telecom carriers. Generally, VoIP wholesale providers search for different originators and provide complete termination to them. They receive VoIP traffic from one carrier (like originator/other wholesale provider) and transmit it to other carriers (like terminator/retailer/other wholesale provider).

Following figure illustrates typical setup of a VoIP Wholesale provider:

VoIP Billing and Wholesale Solution for VoIP Business

Running a VoIP wholesale business requires a solution with at least the following features. To ensure error free monitoring of the VoIP traffic (received and sent) by the wholesale provider, a complete billing solution is required for this business model, which can cater at least following requirements:
  1. Addition of different terminators and their rate sheets.
  2. Addition of different originators and their IP addresses
  3. A plan manager to offer selling rates to originators.
  4. A Least Cost Router to route each call to the minimum cost route available.
  5. A billing engine to bill for each call in real time and block originators if required.
  6. Real time monitoring of the ongoing calls.
  7. Traffic analysis
AdvancedVoIP.com B2B solution provides all the required features to run a VoIP wholesale business.