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White Papers


Basics of VoIP
Need to know the basics of VoIP. This is where to start.

Basics of VoIP Termination
VoIP calls eventually get terminated onto standard phone lines. This white paper discusses the technical and business basics of how it is done.

Basics of VoIP Origination
There are quite a few ways to put calls on VoIP. This white paper discusses the ways calls originate onto VoIP network.

Converged Billing for ISPs
ISPs are no more restricted to providing data access alone. They are now providing multiple services over the net. This white paper discusses some issues related to providing converged voice and data services to subscribers.

Converged Billing for LL Operators
Local Loop operators are expanding into providing multiple services to their subscribers. This white paper discusses some issues relevant to local loop operators when they provide converged voice and data services to their subscribers

How to run a chain of VoIP Callshops?
This white paper discusses what is required to open a chain of VoIP call shops.

How to setup DID Management System
DID Management System (also known as Virtual Phone Service Management) is the most emerging technology of today’s era. The whitepaper provides detail description for the establishment of a DID setup and a brief market review for Direct Inward Dialing (DID).

Basics of Dial Up
This white paper describes the business of running an ISP that provides dial-up Internet access to its users. Dial-up access is still a major mode of accessing Internet in most parts of the world. This whitepaper also briefs about hardware required for launching such a service.

This white paper discusses QoS (Quality of Service) in VoIP networks. It starts with discussing termination network and terminating partners. It discusses the multilayer terminating partner network which is currently developing. It introduces basic signaling protocols for VoIP like H.323 and SIP.